Information about
The University of Maiduguri



The University of  Maiduguri is located in the Borno State in Nigeria. The Federal Government of Nigeria established the university in 1975 as a division of the Third Development Plan. The university now boasts over 25 000 students from around the world, specialized centers and units, a College of Medicine and eight faculties.

The City

Maiduguri,  where the University is located, is the capital of Borno State in the north-eastern corner of Nigeria. The contiguity of the state’s boundaries with  those of three countries, Cameorun, Chad and Niger, has ensured constant trans-border human traffic to Maiduguri for purposes of trade, study and settlement.

This international presence, when added to the attraction Maiduguri has for Nigerians, makes the city quite cosmopolitan.The autochthonous and majority population in the city are the Kanuris.

Maiduguri is served by an airport, which places it one hour away from Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, and two hours away from the commercial centre of Lagos. A network of Federal and State roads place such other Nigerian cities as Kano, Jos and Yola some 5-6 hours away.

Campus Community

The University is residential for both staff and students, although privately arranged off-campus accommodation is increasingly being resorted to as a result of  the increase in staff and student population.

Municipal services provided on campus include banks, clinic, post-office, retail outlets, pharmacy and schools (nursery, primary and secondary).

Several recreational facilities exist for the community on campus: sporting arenas (with provision for soccer, basketball, etc.), the Senior Staff Club (which also has squash and lawn-tennis courts), the “Love Garden” (ideal for picnics, walks). All through the academic year, but particularly at the beginning and at the end of the academic session, Departmental and ethnic-based student associations spice up life on campus with parties and cultural shows.

Spiritual needs are catered for in three magnificent places of worship: the central  mosque, the All-Saints Catholic Chapel, and the protestant Chapel of Grace. To find out if The University of Maiduguri is right for you and to learn more about choosing a college visit college section of real work real pay.